Sunday, July 18, 2010

Game Time

[Typed at SFO at approximately 10:00a.m. on 7/18/10—don’t know when I’ll be able to post it online.]

So this is it. Today is the big day. I just said farewell to my parents at security, and I’m on my way to Washington, D.C. for Peace Corps staging. I have a little bit of a heads up because Summer just went through the whole process 5 days ago, but I’m still anxious and excited.

This is how things are probably going to go down: I should be getting a roommate at the hotel where I’ll stay the night. Tomorrow I have registration and a workshop about adapting to a different culture. They give us some cash for food. The next day we do a final medical check up and take care of any remaining shots. Then we go to the airport to depart for Johannesburg, via Dakar. 17-hour flight. Ouch. We stay the night in Johannesburg before finally flying out to Antananarivo, Madagascar on July 22.

So, here’s hoping everything goes smoothly. I have to make a semi-tight connection in Chicago, but that’s all.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This will be my mailing address during training (July 22 - September 21, 2010):

Joshua Twisselman, PCT Peace Corps
Corps de la Paix
B.P. 12091
Poste Zoom Ankorondrano
101 Antananarivo

Send me mail!

After training, I'll be assigned to my site. Once I get that address, you should send mail there too.